Masseuse on a Mission. At Mission Repair!

Good afternoon everyone, I just wanted to share a quick tidbit today; I hope you can appreciate it.

I surprised my staff with an on-site masseuse today and everyone was able to enjoy a 20 minute chair massage for all of their hard work. It’s true that we sit here at the Mission Repair base all day long, necks “crinked” from talking on the phone, shoulders “scrunched” typing away on our computers, technicians bending over their stations for hours at a time. . .

I thought that it would be a nice surprise to re-energize with some deep muscle tissue rubbing! Anna showed up this morning ready to go and she’s been working all day. I hope that she can get through everyone or we might have to have her come back on Monday -that would be terrible 😉

The bottom line is that I’m trying to reward my employees with some hard earned relaxation. They deserve it!

Have a great afternoon, Ryan