Kindle Fire Screen Repairs are a “go!”

Hello my friends, it was a little quicker than I expected – we are ready to take orders on the Kindle Fire glass repair immediately!

Our replacement panels are en route, which means that if you send in your Kindle Fire for a glass replacement, by the time it arrives, our BRAND NEW glass and digitizer panels will be in house as well. This is an amazing find and an amazing product repair for us and we’re extremely excited to begin this new program with our first customer!

The Kindle fire is similar to an iPad. . .it has a glass/digitizer screen assembly with a separate LCD under the glass. This means that our customers save money when it’s just a cracked glass. We DON’T need to replace the LCD when we swap out the broken glass which is the money saving magic potion!

OK, we are blazing through the phone calls today and our technicians are working hard to keep up with the flow of business. Trust me, I want everyone to have an amazing experience at Mission Repair so give us a call if you don’t!

I’ll be back soon, Ryan

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