Price cuts again. Unibody MacBook Glass Replacements are only $99. We just can’t stop.

Good morning everyone, we just received some great news for our glass vendor, and he has lowered our pricing on our glass panels – this is good news for you – and means that we are lowering our prices on the glass replacement services. . .

You might be asking, there’s glass on the front of a MacBook? The answer is “yes”. The newer MacBooks and MacBook Pro laptops (called the Unibody Mac) have a thin glass panel that covers the LCD. The LCD resides behind the protective glass and from our experience we see a lot of broken glass from drops, bumps, and inadvertent “bending” of the top of the laptop. The LCD will typically remain in tact but the glass is thin and, well, glass. As you can imagine, thin glass cracks and breaks easily!

So we’ve been in the glass replacement business for many years. It’s a common occurance and if it should happen to you don’t worry, Mission Repair is here to help and by lowering our prices we effectively extend the life of your computer and make things easier in a time of need.

Want to shop MacBook Unibody glass repairs? Click the link to get started!

It’s a great day. . .Ryan

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