Mission Repair Thanksgiving Luncheon = Success!

Hello all, we had our traditional Mission Repair Thanksgiving Luncheon today … it was delicious! It was just what we needed before heading out for a long weekend of, well, eating 😉

I love these group get togethers and it’s a great time to learn about one another. For example, did you know that Neptune has 64 moons? I learned that today during lunch. You learn something new every day!

Have a great Thanksgiving break! Just to let you know, Mission Repair is closed Tomorrow and Friday but we’ll be back Saturday. . .see you then!

Take care, Ryan

Cyber Monday and Black Friday. Which to choose?

Hello all, the biggest shopping weekend of the year is approaching us! I’m gearing up for my own personal shopping extravaganza and have a feeling that I will be out among the masses early Friday morning.

A lot of people have been asking “are you going to have a coupon code for Black Friday?” The answer is YES!!!

Just use coupon “BFRIDAY” to receive 15% off of your order on BLACK FRIDAY ONLY, 11/25/11, midnight to midnight. This will work for any iPod repair, iPhone glass repair, or any other service that we offer, including parts! Don’t try to use it today, it won’t work today. . .it will only work for orders placed online on BLACK FRIDAY.

Additionally, we’ll have a CYBER MONDAY coupon code released early Monday Morning. This is going to be a fun one that everyone will enjoy, I promise.

OK, I’ll be back shortly with some pics of our annual Mission Repair Thanksgiving luncheon that is happening within the next hour. I can smell the ham roasting and the fixin’s brewing. Good thing there’s a ton of food for all of us. . .heck if you’re in the area stop by and I will fix you a plate. Just come in the front door at our Olathe location and ask for me.

I’ll be back soon, Ryan