3GS Glass repair only $49. Crazy stuff!

Hello all, we’re at it again! We’ve posted a new Deal of the Day and it’s our amazing lightning fast iPhone 3GS Glass Repair for only $49. That will include brand new parts and labor and we’ll make sure that you’re iPhone 3GS is fixed up right.

Are you wondering about the coupon code needed? Well there isn’t one, just order online and that amazing price will show up automatically!

Additionally, this service at this price comes with our unbeatable GOT REPAIR benefits that means if you ever drop or crack that glass again after we repair it. . .any time. . .or as many times as you might require. . .just call us back and we’ll repair that screen again under our Got Repair program. No other service center in the country offers this amazing deal, it’s the reason the Mission Repair is the intelligent choice.

Take are, Ryan

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