Veteran’s Day is just around the corner!

Hello folks, how’s your week been? I had a visit from my packaging salesman today – Darrin Blackmore from Crown Packaging here in Lenexa Kansas. I’ve been working with Darrin for years, not only is he an amazing project manager and packaging specialist, but he’s also an amazing friend of mine that is an oak tree of a guy. “Oak tree” because this guy is rock solid and is the best in the business!

So he came in guns blazing today. I think it was the coffee. He donned my kevlar desert storm helmet – I keep it in my office when I need to think 😉 and brought some laughs to the business this morning.

You WILL buy these boxes Ryan!

It appears that Darrin is in terrific form today, but it’s no coincidence. He is a decorated US Navy Veteran. GMM2 Darrin Blackmore of the USS Jesse L. Brown, FF1089 and his tour was from 1984 to 1988. All kidding aside, Darrin has seen combat, has fought for our freedoms and is an amazing guy.

To all of the US Veterans, this Friday 11/11/11 is a tribute to you, and in light of the impending celebration we’ll release a coupon code in Darrin’s honor.

When checking out online, use coupon code “darrin” to receive 20% off of your next repair with us (for an iPod, iPhone, MacBook or any other repair!) – this coupon will expire at midnight on 11/11/11 so take advantage now! All you need to do is promise to look at this picture and get a laugh out of it.

I did.

Have a great Wednesday, Ryan

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