iPhone 4S Glass Repairs, are they really breaking already?

The big question is “are they breaking already?” Here’s your answer:

Can Mission Repair fix cracked iPhone 4S screens? Yes we can.

Truthfully, we took 2 orders for glass repairs the very first day they released. I feel terrible for customers that this happens to and it’s leading me to something unbelievable – something so astounding – something so “MISSION REPAIR” – that I’m going to announce soon.

We don’t like hearing that customers drop their device the same day that it was purchased, it’s not a good situation for anyone. One could argue that it’s good for business but we do have a heart here at Mission Repair and we’re not solely driven by the almighty dollar. Frankly I’m in business so that I don’t have to work for anyone else. . .I’ve worked for some real “gems” in the past 😉 What is this leading me to?

We are launching a program that offers some customers FREE REPAIRS starting next week. I’m finalizing my plans, marketing and database as we’re going to further revolutionize the repair market with this addition to our GOT REPAIR program. Stay tuned but feel free to call in and ask about it, or just check back here on our blog within the next few days. It’ll blow your mind.

Until then, if you’ve got an iPhone 4S cracked screen that needs some attention, we’re here for ya. We have the parts in stock and we’re ready to go.

Have a great day!


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