Construction, expansions, locations – we’re in a whirlwind.

Hello again all, we’re really doing a lot around here, and it’s all out of necessity.

Not only are we now in several states with several locations (you might have ready my previous blog earlier today) but we’re also expanding our main service center in Olathe to accomodate our growth. We’ve leased another 2-story section in our complex and we’re building out the area for more employees. “Sardines” is how I describe our current working environment!

What we have here is the makings of some new rooms and shortly we’ll begin the process of doubling our technician space and we’re growing into a larger shipping/receiving area. All of this brings headaches to the business owner (me!) but I realize that it’s the next logical step in continuing my goal of providing the best electronics repair service in the industry.

Need a job? We’re looking for new employees. Submit your resume to “” for consideration. What are we looking for? Here’s a list of available jobs.

OK, I’m back at it. I’m still adding new services and much-needed repairs daily. I do believe that we’ll be adding the iPhone 5 repairs shortly. Want to know more about the iPhone 5? Stay tuned to this blog. i.e. “Subscribe” to us in the upper left column and you won’t miss a thing!

Take care, Ryan

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