iPod Touch 4 Screen Repair, who wants a discount? You do!

Hello everyone, have you been watching our Deal of the Day page?

Well you should! Bookmark it. It’s always out best pricing on popular services, parts and accessories for your iPod, iPhone, smartphone or other small hand held electronic device. Yup, that includes just about any make or model of laptop computer too. What about iPad repairs? Of course, and many other tablets. The list is extensive!

Don't live with that cracked glass for long!

Check out the Deal of the Day today. . .iPod Touch 4th Gen Glass Repair. Normally $109. Right now. $89 – that’s right, only $89. We set the market, and this price is rocking it to it’s core. For $89 we will install a brand new glass, digitizer and LCD assembly and we’ll also install it within 24 hours. Need it done while you wait? No problem, stop on by our Main Service Center in Olathe, KS and we’ll do just that. Sorry that our Mission Repair locations in Delaware, Georgia, Illinois and Pennsylvania are truly just drop off locations, but heck it will still get done within 24 hours if you drop it off at any of those locations!

$89 can’t be beat for the iPod Touch 4th Gen Glass repair coupled with the benefits that you get from us. Remember that this also includes our Got Repair Guarantee benefits which mean that if you ever break that screen again after we repair it, we’ll repair it again under the Got Repair program, forever and as many times as you need. It’s a real lifetime warranty that you can sink your teeth into.

OK folks, I have several press releases to let fly so I’ll be back shortly with some other great and fun info!

Take care, Ryan

Tools make the job possible!

Hello everyone. . .we’ve all worked on something that required tools. Whether you’ve hung a picture, changed your own oil in your car, built a deck on the back of your house or more. . .

Without the use of tools, none of these jobs would be feasible. Try hammering a nail in the wall to hang a picture – without a hammer. It can’t be an easy task! Tools make the job possible.

For all of those Do-It-Yourself technicians out there, we understand the tool issue. That’s why Mission Repair is expanding our tool section and loading up our shelves with all of the tools that you’ll every need if you want to perform your own iPod Repair, iPhone glass replacement, or MacBook screen repair.

In fact our tool selection will help you with most, if not all of your computer repair needs. We want the job you’re doing to be easy and fast. Remember that the right tool makes all the difference.

Ok, I’m heading back to my list of projects, I’ll talk with you again soon!

Best, Ryan

Have a notebook with a broken screen? Dell? HP? Toshiba? Acer? No problem.

Hello everyone, it’s been a heck of a day for me personally. The first call of the day was about my daughter that rear-ended another student on her way to school. She’s a Senior, it’s her first accident and it was NOT the way I planned on starting my Tuesday. But heck accidents never happen we we plan them I guess…so we got through that and luckily no one was hurt except for her car which has a nice big “crunch” in the front. Ah well, nothing that a few month of waiting tables can’t cure 😉

So after taking the report with our Sherriff’s department, I headed into work late. Then I got a second call from the High School nurse who said “Your son Casey is sick and needs to be picked up.” So I turned the car around and headed back to the High School to get my Freshman son who was in the office with a head and stomach ache. I got him home and into bed, then finally made it into the office here at Mission Repair about an hour ago. Yikes.

Here’s to parenting. Today was a HUGE test of my fatherhood and skills as the parental figure with both of my kids. I didn’t get upset with either of them this morning, we’ll take the discussion “offline” and I’ll try to teach some lessons out of this mess!

So I’m here today talking with my crew who are all unfazed by my morning, and collectively we want to issue a coupon to spike the Windows Laptop Screen Repair department. We’re overstocked on many of these screens – so rather than list them all and give out “sale” prices, I’m going to issue a coupon code so you can receive $20 off any laptop screen repair we offer that is over $100!

Just use coupon code “INSURANCE” when you place your order online for your next PC laptop screen repair. Why did I pick “INSURANCE” as the coupon code? Well I’ll let you figure that one out 😉

This code will automatically deduct $20 from the price and at the same time you’ll begin the process of the best Laptop Screen Repair service in the market. This coupon will expire on 10/3/11.

Hey tomorrow is another day, I’ll be back soon with more goodies!

Best, Ryan

Can you fix this?

A customer walked into our Corporate office today and showed our customer service representative this phone:

Can Mission Repair fix this?

This is a Samsung Infuse Smartphone with a cracked screen. How cow, yes, it looks pretty bad. . .but never fear, Mission Repair is on the job!

Truth be told, it doesn’t matter if there’s one small crack, a couple cracks, or a completely shattered screen like this one (that actually has pieces of the glass falling out!). We’re going to replace the entire front glass, this one is just slightly more entertaining that others!

So our answer is “YES”. We can fix this, it’s our business. I’ve got to constantly remind myself that many of our customer just aren’t sure what our capabilities at times- I take it for granted.

Thanks for asking, and if you should have any questions about our repair services, just shoot us an email.

Take care, Ryan

Samsung Galaxy Indulge Repairs announced!

Hello again everyone, I have one more cell phone to add to the list of Mission Repair capabilities. . .

The Samsung Galaxy Indulge Repairs and Parts.

The Samsung Galaxy Indulge is the first 4G LTE Android 2.2 Platform smartphone built specifically for MetroPCS. Its functional design delivers a high quality entertainment experience through superior speed and innovation. Now it’s faster than ever to access and enjoy entertainment on-the-go and stay socially connected. With state-of-the-industry 4G LTE speed, you’ll surf the web complete with flash content, plus download and stream videos.

The Achilles heel of this and many other phones is the glass screen. We’ve already started taking in repairs for this device and it’s bound to fit in to our mainstream lineup of screen repairs. While it’s an amazing piece of technology, it’s equally fragile when dropped on concrete!

Do I get tired of talking about these new phones? Not at all. I am still an iPhone fan 😉 but the market demands new phones- seemingly on a daily basis. Mission Repair is ready. Willing. And able.

I’ll talk to you again soon, thanks to all of my 400,000 readers. I respect you all.

Best, Ryan