Take a little time to smell the roses.

Hello all- good morning. It’s Monday, we’re just getting rolling here at the Mission Repair base for an amazing week ahead of us. My schedule is booked and I will be out of the office Friday and all week next week, so I’m going to try to cram 5 days of work into 4!

Last weekend I spent a little time on Table Rock Lake. If you don’t know much about this lake that’s OK – I didn’t know much about it either until I stated spending a little time there – and it’s amazing.

Sunrise on Table Rock Lake.

It’s a man-made lake in southwestern Missouri formed by the damming of the White River in 1958. There are numerous commercial marinas and lake front resorts with a minimum of private docks and large vessels. This makes a pleasurable boating experience for a ski boat! I went out early Saturday morning by myself and took this shot of the sun rising.

It was a peaceful time, I was able to cruise the lake by myself and drove about 2 hours in one direction then 2 hours back. To me, that time is the best. I can let my thoughts go and wander and being outside with the wind in my face made for a great start to the day. I’m a West Coast guy and I love the ocean, but this takes a close second and works well for that nature “injection” that I need so badly.

So I’m starting the week relaxed and ready for action. I’ll be back with several new announcements and more exciting blogging soon.

In the mean time, take my advice and watch a sunrise sometime soon. You’ll thank me later.

Best, Ryan