And the big news is … Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Screen Repairs announced!

Good afternoon all, we’re happy to be amidst this Tablet warfare. I say warfare because it’s a fight right now to see who will rise to the top, and who will drop. So far, we’ve got a nice list and here are the top tablet players at this point, in no particular order:

1. The iPad. Yes, well, this is a clear #1 position.
2. Motorola Xoom.
3. Samsung Galaxy Tab.
4. Acer Iconia.
5. HP Touch Pad.
6. Archos Tablet.
7. Toshiba Thrive.
8. Blackberry Playbook.
9. Asus Eee Pad Transformer.
10. HTC Flyer.

Yeah, you might not even recognize some of these devices. That’s because they are trying to enter the market and stay. It’s a marketing battle. It’s software battle. It’s a price point battle.

In all cases, we here at Mission Repair are working diligently to provide a solution and to be the “medic” in this war. We don’t take sides. We just want to keep your device running correctly and at an amazing price.

Effective today, we’ve launched our repair services for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1! You now have a viable option to have your Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Screen Repaired within 24 hours with a brand new screen at our location. We’re also giving you our amazing GOT REPAIR benefits so that if you ever break that screen again we will repair it again under our GOT REPAIR program. It’s that easy.

Which type of Tablet do you have?

Have a great weekend, Ryan

HTC Evo 3D Screen Repairs Announced!

3D on a Smartphone? That’s right? How cool is a 3D screen on a hand-held device? No glasses required and Sprint’s 4G speed.

How cool would it be to crack the glass on that phone? NOT COOL AT ALL.

Just imagine having the newest cutting edge technology only to have the screen smashed and useless after a single drop. Listen, these screens are made out of glass. . .very thin glass. . .and one slip can damage that screen!

Never fear, Mission Repair is here. We have just launched our new HTC Evo 3D Screen Repair at an unbeatable price! We’ll take care of that cracked glass within 24 hours, send it back to your location overnight, and also include our lifetime Got Repair program benefits. Yeah, that’s right. Just call us any time in the future if you should ever happen to drop and crack that screen again. We will be here for you.

There you have it, another new service line from your friends at Mission Repair.

Best, Ryan