iPhones can’t swim.

Good afternoon everyone! We’re back in style. That long weekend did everyone some good and the 4th of July festivities were amazing last night. I love fireworks, spending time with the family and spending some time on the water. I did a little wakeboarding this weekend and I’m a little sore to be honest. There’s nothing wrong with just floating around in the lake as well – which I did plenty of!

Remember though. . .iPhones don’t swim!

Even worse yet, they HATE the water. We’ve got some tips and tricks to help the situation, but the best thing to do when you iPhone gets wet is to get it into us asap. This is not a sales tactic. It’s a fact. We need to get into the unit and clean the corrosion off immediately.

I saw this first hand. Remember I was talking about wakeboarding? Well, my iPhone got wet this weekend. I set it in the cup holder on the boat, and there was a little bit of water at the bottom of the cupholder. My dock connector got wet and this morning my iPhone would no longer charge or connect to my computer. It’s the truth and a little disassembly and cleaning took care of the problem.

In any case, your iPhone is out of warranty. Don’t bother sending your unit into Apple or try to get a warranty repair – they don’t have the same level of services – this is our specialty. We are the GO TO business for out of warranty repairs (cracked glass, liquid damage, breakage) and we’re providing the best service at the best prices with the best warranties.

Give us a call! 866-638-8402.

Best, Ryan