We are giving away ANOTHER iPod Touch. Click away!

Hello all, we are putting the finishing touches on our GOT REPAIR Facebook fan page – yes I know I’ve been pushing the Mission Repair fan page for the last few weeks, and it’s on a roll. Now I want to get our GOT REPAIR page up to speed. How can I do that? How about I’ll give away a brand new iPod Touch between to one lucky winner that signs up between now and September 30, 2011.

Let’s get you signed up. CLICK HERE to get yourself enrolled. Even if you work for a competitor of ours, we don’t discriminate, go ahead and sign up! 😉 Just don’t tell your boss that you did.

Free iPods FLOWING at Mission Repair and Got Repair. Get yours!

Have a great day, Ryan

MacBook Screen Repairs – check out these prices!

Good afternoon everyone, it’s a busy day here at the Mission Repair base. We’re making a ton of new friends and customers (thanks to our amazing “GOT REPAIR” program) that is included with many of our services.

A lot of customers are still amazed that we offer MacBook screen repair, and when they find out that these repairs come with “Got Repair” lifetime benefits, it’s the difference between us and the competition.

“Got Repair” benefits are INCLUDED when you have your MacBook Screen Repaired with us. Or your MacBook hard drive. Or your iPhone screen, iPod screen, cell phone display, well the list goes on and on. It just means that after the repair at our facility, and if you ever damage your hard drive or screen again, we will replace it again under our “Got Repair” benefits.


It’s because we are confident in our systems, our products, and our people. It’s because we care about our customers. . .and even if you, our customer, breaks our installed part again we will be here for you in the future. Let’s face it, you may never need to use us again, but wouldn’t it be nice to know that if you needed to – we’d be here – forever.

Our Mac laptop division is really thickening. We’ve developed some excellent relationships with several customers that are sending in a significant amount of volume and we wanted to assure the rest of the nation that we are here as an amazing source for all of your Macintosh repair needs. It’s why we’re in business.

I have some 4th of July specials coming soon, stay tuned!!


4th of July coming up!

Good morning friends, we’ve got a busy week ahead of us and a long weekend to follow. The cool thing about 4th of July in Spring Hill, Kansas is that we have no restrictions on using fireworks in the neighborhood. I stopped by the “Black Cat” tent on way home last night and stocked up on some crazy stuff!

It’s been a few days since my last blog- I took a little vacation with some friends of ours out to Lake Tahoe. I used to live in the Bay Area and driving up to Tahoe was a weekend event for my family. Once I was old enough, even a buddy and I would drive up on a Friday, go skiing at Heavenly Valley or Kirkwood, stay in a dumpy motel, and get back home by Sunday dinner.

This time, we stayed at the awesome Montbleu Hotel and Casino just over the border in South Lake Tahoe. The Montbleu has an amazing steakhouse, Ciera, and if you peek in there stop and say hi to “my man” Tommy Walker. He’s the sommelier and he can show you to my wine locker. It’s a sight to see! 😉

We took the normal tour around the lake and stopped to take a couple of great shots of Emerald Bay:

It was a great trip with great friends and I’m anxious to get back to visit the Sierra Nevada Mountains soon. Since I’m just now getting my feet back under me (I had 702 emails waiting after 3 days of being out) I’ll be back soon with some great business information from Mission Repair and Got Repair soon!

Have a great Wednesday.