Who puts LIFETIME replacement benefits on hard drive installations? Mission Repair!

Good morning everyone, we’re on top of game here at Mission Repair. We’re tightening up our processes, adding new value and employees. More on all of that later. . .

Today, I am pleased to announce that to all of our Mac and PC laptop hard drive upgrades we have added the “Got Repair” benefits which COST YOU NOTHING when you have your new hard drive installed with us. What does this mean for you?

Well, each of these repairs comes with our standard 1 year warranty. If there is any issue with the drive or installation within a year, we’ll fix it under our normal “exceptional” warranty. Here’s the kicker:

If there is ever any issue with the hard drive that we installed in the future and as many times as needed, we will replace that drive under our “Got Repair” benefits. . .FOREVER.

There’s not another service center in the world that is offering these benefits to their customers. What kind of value does this add? It’s the icing on the cake. Couple that up with the best hard drive pricing in the industry, with the fastest turnaround, and the best customer service there’s not a lot of reason to consider going anywhere else for your Macbook service or Windows laptop hard drive repair.

Why do I push this so much? It needs to be talked about, it’s real, and I believe in it. Period.

Thanks for everyone’s business, we’re happy to be here!