Want to win a new iPod Touch? Yeah, we’re giving one away!

Hello everyone, it’s been tremendously busy here at Mission Repair today. . .I just want to say that I intended to get this post up early this morning.

As you know, the Mission Repair blog is a good place to get Mission Repair Coupon Codes and “Got Repair” information. We’ve got a good thing rolling here and I want to boost our Facebook page next!

So to get us off the ground and rocking, all you need to do is “Like” us on Facebook here!

When you do you will automatically be included in our iPod Touch Giveaway. In fact, for every 3,000 new friends we make on Facebook we will give away an iPod. We are looking for friends, don’t be shy. We have over 300,000 unique readers here on the Mission Repair blog, so this should be easy!

Not only will you be included in the next drawing, we will also provide “Facebook Only” specials around the holidays and specials throughout the year that will be special. Facebook special.

Thanks again for reading. I love writing these blogs posts and I’m here to stay. Talk to you again soon, thanks for “liking” us!

Best, Ryan

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