iPad 2 Repair launched – believe me that they are reasonable prices!

Hello all-

iPad 2 Repairs and Services – when it breaks call Mission Repair! We are now offering a full line of iPad 2 repairs and services at incredible prices.

The huge success of the iPad 2 has brought a lot of attention to the repair market and until today there has not been a viable, cost effective solution to have even the simplest of repairs done. This is NO MORE!

We're not only doing glass repairs- we do it all!

Many vendors that are offering iPad 2 services are overcharging. Not at Mission Repair. Our prices are in line (as is the rest of our business) and not taking advantage of a new market. From headphone jack repairs, docking ports replacement, battery replacement, camera repairs, and speaker replacement services, we have the best price and turnaround in the market.

Let the flood gates open! Remember Mission Repair and why you’re reading this blog in the first place. . .we’re friends!

Best, Ryan

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