Charley at Mission Repair passed the test. . .he’s Apple Certified!

Hello all, it’s a beautiful day here at the Mission Repair base– and I’m happy to bring you some good news. Well it’s good news to me, and it’s great news to Charley. . .

Apple Certified Macintosh Technician - Charley Viehland!

What does this mean for you? Well, you’re in good hands when you send your computer into Mission Repair. Our technicians are high-quality people, like to have fun, and love to work on Macs! They have the resources to service your computer correctly and at a price that won’t drain your bank account. We understand the value in service, it’s why we’re in business and our goal is to keep your Macintosh computers running for longer rather than spending a ton of money on buying new and adding to a landfill!

Check us out on the web. Our pricing is simply amazing. Our warranties are outstanding. Our “Got Repair” benefits seal the deal.

Want to know more? Send Charley an email!

Take care, Ryan

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