Graduations are abound!

Good morning all-

My son, Casey, “graduated” from 8th grade yesterday. I actually went into the event thinking “It’s just 8th grade, not a huge deal” but Casey pulled me aside and said “Dad, I feel special today”.

That struck a chord with me. He is special – as we all are – and all he was looking for was some love and support from his family. So I called in some markers!

We generated a pretty good sized cheering section for him at the diploma ceremony. Since his last name is “Arter” – he was the first to walk up and get his diploma. Naturally we were ready for him – we prepped our group of about 10 people, and once he physically received his diploma in his hand we started our ruckus! I have a pretty mean “whistle” so along with all of the other family cheering and screaming it was impressive support. . .and he blushed, took his walk down the staircase, and resumed his place in the seating area.

It made me think – although we hear this all the time – that life does fly by. Time moves fast. We have a limited amount of time here and we should try to be happy! I’m working on this constantly with myself and most certainly my kids make me happy. My business, even though it brings mountains of stress, makes me happy. There are a great many things that I still want to see and experience (Casey’s High School Graduation for example) and I’m going to do my best to make the world a better place, be a positive part of the community and earn the respect of those around me.

With that being said have a great day, I’ll be back to blog more soon but remember to stop and smell the roses once in a while.

Take care,