New Smartphone services announced today!

Good morning everyone, its a calm and cool morning here in Kansas City. Looks like we might get a little rain this afternoon which is kind of a bummer, but on the bright side my landscaping is looking great at my house!!

I’m here to announce a few new services that we added late yesterday and we’re taking orders now. Check them out!

Samsung Instinct M800 Screen Repair
Samsung Nexus S Screen Repair
Motorola Cliq XT Screen Repair
HTC Inspire Screen Repair

These repairs start at $79 installed, and the best part is that after you have your repair done with us, we automatically give you our “Got Repair” program benefits with the service. This means that if you ever break that screen again any time in the future and as many times necessary, we’ll replace that screen again for you under those same “Got Repair” benefits. This is the amazing part about Mission Repair and we’re happy to be here for you, forever!

Thanks, I’ll be back with more specials soon.

Best, Ryan