Mission Repair uses FedEx. You want your device back safely, right?

Happy Thursday everyone!

We’re rockin’ here at the Mission Repair base and I just checked my FedEx bill from last month. . .and it was our biggest shipping bill in the company history. I’m sharing this information not to talk about raising our rates or to say that FedEx is overcharging, but to say that we had a record number of orders so naturally we have a record “size” shipping bill.

Additionally, after doing our monthly shipping audit, I’m happy to report we had ZERO shipping damages and ZERO loss claims last month. In fact, we have had only 1 damage claim since January 1st, 2011. This is roughly one damage claim per 10,000 shipments. I call this an overwhelming success and we’ve picked the top dog in the shipping industry to use.

We’ve also worked with FedEx to make sure that damages don’t occur in shipping. Check out this short video to see how our shipping kit stands out!

You trust Mission Repair with your expensive electronics when they need service. We trust FedEx because we want the best delivery service available!

Thanks, I’ll be back soon, we’re adding 3 new services today that I’m excited about!


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