Mission Repair is expanding!

Hello all, it’s exciting here at the Mission Repair base. . .I just signed a lease to expand our business and I’m in negotiations with another building to open our very first retail site right here in Kansas City!

We are expanding our facilities!

So what does this mean for you? Well we are growing our tech department (we need several new techcnicians to start immediately, please see our available Mission Repair job descriptions here) – so if you’re looking for a job and qualify for one of our positions, please apply.

With more technicians, we can offer more services and at a faster rate – but more importantly can perform more repairs per day than ever before. With more customer service representatives we can offer our amazing service with even more efficiency. Business is great and we’re lucky to have the wherewithall to grow.

Is it time for another Open House?

Not yet – the expansion begins this month here at our service lab, but the real fun will be unveiling our new retail store. Stay tuned and we’ll be announcing a grand opening hopefully soon!

Did you miss the 15% discount that I’m offering this weekend? Not a problem, check out my earlier blog to get that coupon code!

Best, Ryan

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