Great Royals Game Yesterday! 15% off any service we offer this weekend!

Hello everyone, I was able to take a 1/2 day yesterday and chill out at a Royals game with my buddy Darrin. Normally, I wouldn’t probably blog about this, however I was able to take a quick snapshot of Darrin yesterday after he caught a foul ball-

I’ve been to a zillion baseball games starting back from when I lived in California watching the San Francisco Giants play at the old Candle Stick Park. I’ve been to Wrigley Field, Coors Field, Chase Field and many more- and I’ve NEVER caught a foul ball. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been close, just like yesterday. I was right next to Darrin when he snagged this beauty and once again I came home empty handed.

The cool part about the whole experience? Darrin handed the ball to a youngster in a wheel chair. That boy lit up and getting a ball was clearly the highlight of his day. I was overwhelmed and Darrin, my good buddy, did a great thing.

So there it is. A warm day, hot dogs, nachos, and foul balls. I might have to go back tonight, it’s “Buck night” so instead of your hot dogs being $6, they are only $1! Peanuts = $1. Sodas = $1. $6 and you’re eating like a king!!

How can I make you feel like a king? How about a 15% off coupon good now through Monday 5/9/11. Just enter “FOULBALL” when you place your order online and we’ll take 15% off of your entire order including shipping! Now’s the time to get that iPad 2 Screen Repair, or any other iPod, iPhone or Cell Phone Repair we have on our sites!

Thanks everyone, have a great Friday! Ryan

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