Dell Streak 5 Screen Repair = new lower price!

It’s not new news. . .we have great relationships with our vendors and we’re constantly driving down prices on our services when we receive price decreases ourselves.

We can get you back in business fast! This is NOT GOOD!

Today, we negotiated unbelievable pricing on our Dell Streak 5 Glass and Digitizer screens so we lowered all of our Dell Streak 5 repair and parts pricing:

Dell Streak 5 Glass Screen Repair – Full Service
Dell Streak 5 Glass Screen – Part Only (if you’d like to do it yourself!)

As we expected, the glass on these phones is susceptible to breaks and shattering. Cracks in glass panels are just going to happen when you drop your phone. The Dell Streak is not invincible, so take care of it, DON’T drop it, but if you do, remember that you can call us and we’ll take care of the repair within 24 hours. It’s our specialty. Additionally, if you ever happen to drop it again after we repair it, we’ll repair it again under our “Got Repair” benefits – it’s a program invented for the “butterfingers” out there! 😉

You heard these price decreases here first!


Mission Repair is expanding!

Hello all, it’s exciting here at the Mission Repair base. . .I just signed a lease to expand our business and I’m in negotiations with another building to open our very first retail site right here in Kansas City!

We are expanding our facilities!

So what does this mean for you? Well we are growing our tech department (we need several new techcnicians to start immediately, please see our available Mission Repair job descriptions here) – so if you’re looking for a job and qualify for one of our positions, please apply.

With more technicians, we can offer more services and at a faster rate – but more importantly can perform more repairs per day than ever before. With more customer service representatives we can offer our amazing service with even more efficiency. Business is great and we’re lucky to have the wherewithall to grow.

Is it time for another Open House?

Not yet – the expansion begins this month here at our service lab, but the real fun will be unveiling our new retail store. Stay tuned and we’ll be announcing a grand opening hopefully soon!

Did you miss the 15% discount that I’m offering this weekend? Not a problem, check out my earlier blog to get that coupon code!

Best, Ryan

Great Royals Game Yesterday! 15% off any service we offer this weekend!

Hello everyone, I was able to take a 1/2 day yesterday and chill out at a Royals game with my buddy Darrin. Normally, I wouldn’t probably blog about this, however I was able to take a quick snapshot of Darrin yesterday after he caught a foul ball-

I’ve been to a zillion baseball games starting back from when I lived in California watching the San Francisco Giants play at the old Candle Stick Park. I’ve been to Wrigley Field, Coors Field, Chase Field and many more- and I’ve NEVER caught a foul ball. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been close, just like yesterday. I was right next to Darrin when he snagged this beauty and once again I came home empty handed.

The cool part about the whole experience? Darrin handed the ball to a youngster in a wheel chair. That boy lit up and getting a ball was clearly the highlight of his day. I was overwhelmed and Darrin, my good buddy, did a great thing.

So there it is. A warm day, hot dogs, nachos, and foul balls. I might have to go back tonight, it’s “Buck night” so instead of your hot dogs being $6, they are only $1! Peanuts = $1. Sodas = $1. $6 and you’re eating like a king!!

How can I make you feel like a king? How about a 15% off coupon good now through Monday 5/9/11. Just enter “FOULBALL” when you place your order online and we’ll take 15% off of your entire order including shipping! Now’s the time to get that iPad 2 Screen Repair, or any other iPod, iPhone or Cell Phone Repair we have on our sites!

Thanks everyone, have a great Friday! Ryan