Motorola Defy Cell Phone Repairs = available now!

Hello everyone, how is your afternoon coming along? Well I’m just now getting the chance to write a short blog – I am stunned by the amount of activity on our websites and the phones calls keep rolling in. It’s a good problem to have, you know?!?

Well today my Webmaster just informed me that we have added another line of services that are available effective immediately. We are now performing Motorola Defy screen repairs and another other services for the Defy as needed- why do I mention the Motorola Defy Screen repair specifically? Well that’s the most common repair that we’ll perform on this smartphone (probably about 75% of the time) and then the other 25% of the time we’ll get a power port problem, headphone jack issue or other failure that we’ll take a look at for you. The other that I mention the screen repair specifically is that our services cover you in the future. . .if you every break that screen again we will repair it again under our “Got Repair” benefits! Awesome!

The Motorola DEFY with MOTOBLUR for T-Mobile is the perfect device for a first time smartphone user. This Android-powered device is as easy-to-use as it is affordable. For drops, scratches, spills, and splashes, DEFY has an everyday-proof deign. DEFY is a mobile powerhouse that is water-resistant and dustproof, plus it comes with a scratch-resistant Corning Gorilla glass display. Enhanced MOTOBLUR simplifies your life by having all contacts, photos, emails, messages, Facebook, and Twitter in one place, accessible with just one tap on the screen and no login.

Just make sure that you don’t drop that phone or else the screen will break. However life could be worse, because we’ll take care of that cracked screen within 24 hours and get you back in business.

Hey, I’ll be at the office for a few hours but just wanted to touch base today to say hello. I’ll be back soon! Ryan