I’ve been in this game a while, Mission Repair is built from experience.

Good morning everyone, happy Wednesday!

I’ve been repairing Apple products (iPods, iPhones, MacBooks) since 1994 so when the iPad showed up on the market I immediately started our iPad repair services off on the right foot. We had been talking about iPad repairs months before even the first Apple iPad hit the shelves, and frankly I use my iPad every day. I love that thing!

We then launched into the Kindle repair market and we receive Kindles daily for service.

Recently we jumped into the Samsung Galaxy Tab services market with overwhelming success. We are now getting into the rhythm of repairing the Samsung products (including many Samsung Cell Phone Repairs) and these are quickly becoming a staple in our repair lineup.

Now we’ve got the iPad 2 here – Apple released them on 3/11/11. And the very first day we got our first order for a repair and since we’ve been getting in iPad 2 repairs every day.

Why am I mentioning all of this?

Happy customers abound!

We’ve been in the repair market for many years and we’re steadily honing our craft. Our technicians are the best in the business. Each of them have repaired literally thousands of units. When you do something over 1000 times, you get the hang of it, you know the tricks, heck you become an expert. The bottom line is that when you use Mission Repair, you’re getting me, my sales department, my technical staff, my QA department, my webmaster, my receiving department and my shipping staff on your side. All of us have one goal…to make your customer experience perfect.

Thanks and that’s what you should expect from Mission Repair. . .Ryan

Why pay for iPhone or MacBook Diagnosis?

Good afternoon friends, here at Mission Repair we’ll never charge for diagnosis.

I’ve noticed that there are many companies in the iPod and iPhone Repair market that are charging customers for diagnostic services. Since our inception, Mission Repair has offered FREE diagnosis on ANY product we service. This is just one of the ways that Mission Repair extends it’s value to the public.

Low on cash? How about a $0 diagnosis fee from Mission Repair!

When I see companies charging for diagnosis, it appears to me that they are trying to make money and have little or no confidence in their business. I get it. The diagnosis fee a safety net. It’s an easy way to make money…If the repair is not possible, too expensive, or just too aggravating to the technician, the customer still pays up to $25. I’ve seen it so many times before. Here at Mission Repair our customers never pay for diagnosis or diagnostics fees. If the device ends up being beyond economic repair, the customer doesn’t need to pay us $25 to tell them that. It’s just seems fair to me. I’d rather rely on my awesome staff to make sure the repair needed is WORTH paying for and we don’t want to bait our customers into using our services with a $25 commitment.

We continue to believe (and I say it on the phone all the time) that the customer always remains in control of the repair. We want the customer experiencing value and trustworthiness.

The bottom line is that we don’t want to stop customers from trying our services. This is why we continue to offer FREE diagnostics on your electronic devices. We don’t overcharge for repairs and our customers have the final say on what they are comfortable paying. If our repair price is ever out of the customer’s price range, they don’t pay. We also try to keep our pricing simple and provide all of our popular repair service pricing up front.

Whether you’re looking for an iPod to be repaired, iPad, iPhone, Apple Computer or Cell phone, we strive to remain the industry leader and a customer favorite.

Thanks, Ryan

What’s so special about April 18th? The Tax Man Cometh!

It’s the tax filing deadline for the 2011 tax season! Yikes, is it really April already?

The IRS expects to receive more than 140 million individual tax returns this year but from what I’ve seen, their system is pretty solid. “The Post Office must have lost it” excuse is probably getting pretty old to them. My daughter works part time and I’ve been prodding her to get her taxes done. Well here it is the last week to file, and I know that they’re still not done because I’m gonna help her. But I’m also NOT going to do them for her. This is the beginning of the rest of her life and getting these done is important!

So for those of you that thought you could buy a few more days due to a Government “Shutdown”, think again. Get those taxes filed now! Need some advice or copies of the 1040ez? Visit our friends at the IRS on line.

Have a good week, Ryan

Need your iPhone 4 cracked glass repaired? Mission Repair is the Intelligent Choice!

Good morning, it’s a nice Monday morning out here in Kansas City for sure!

I’m back after a long busy weekend here at Mission Repair, I think that we’ve come through for our customers with some highly anticipated price decreases. Case in point, we have recently received better pricing from our vendors on iPhone 4 Glass Panels. . .therefore we’ve lowered our prices on the full-service iPhone 4 screen repair.

It’s our lowest price to date, and there is no coupon code necessary. Do you already have a coupon code? Yup, it’ll work to bring the price even lower.

The best part about our iPhone 4 glass repair service? It comes with an amazing piece of insurance. . .and it’s our “Got Repair” benefits. This means that if you ever break your iPhone after you have it repaired with us, we’ll repair it again under our “Got Repair” benefits. Forever. As many times as you want. We’ll be here FOREVER and your vendor of choice.

Have a great day, Ryan

Sale: iPhone 4 Glass Repair at lowest price!

Hello all, happy Friday! I don’t know about your area, but it’s going to be 89 degrees out here in Kansas City and we’re most certainly finally through winter. Thanks goodness! The trees are blooming and the landscaping is starting to green up – it’s a great time of year!

It’s so great that I want to let you know that we just received another price decrease from our vendors. The fact is that we are buying in such large bulk quantities that we can command price decreases that we pass on to you, our customers. Are you looking for a Mission Repair coupon code? Guess what, no coupon code is necessary for this amazing price!

This type of repair is our specialty!

Let’s jump right in, there’s nothing to gain in wasting time:

iPhone 4 Glass Repair NOW ONLY $119 with no coupon necessary! This is the full service repair that includes parts and labor.


Buy the part yourself, and do the repair yourself. We’re selling iPhone 4 screen part assemblies for only $89 outright! Yes, these include a warranty and same-day shipping.

The coolest part about it? If you opt for the $119 full-installation we’ll perform the repair within 24 hours and also include our Got Repair benefits. This means that after we do the repair, if you EVER break or crack the glass again, we’ll repair it again. . .forever.

I’ve got a busy weekend ahead of me, I hope you get some time to relax.

Take care, Ryan