Samsung Galaxy Tab Screen Repair Sale!

Hello all, yes you read that right! We just lowered our price on the Samsung Galaxy Tab screen repairs (this is full-service I might add) down to our lowest price to date of only $179 installed! Try to find a better price on the internet. I dare ya 😉

So is it a sale? Well not really. Truth be told, we received a nice decrease from our vendor so we’re passing the discount on to you. This means that our customers continually get the benefit of using Mission Repair. . .our volumes dictate lower prices and our customers reap the savings. Amazing huh?

What’s more, if you use this service and ever break, crack or damage your screen again well repair it again under our Got Repair benefit. Forever. As many times as you need. It’s unprecedented and something that we’re happy to do for you. It’s our “Got Repair” program that’s sweeping the repair market off its feet.

OK, Ill be back soon with some more goodies from the tech lab. Have a great Friday!

Best, Ryan

Mission Repair and the “Got Repair” benefits just took another leap!

Hello all, good morning to you!

As you know we launched our “Got Repair” Lifetime Benefits in March of 2011 and that has taken our business to new successes and new markets with new customers – more than ever before! It’s just smart for our consumers! Learn more about our Got Repair program benefits here!

Well today we upgraded our teaser landing page to be a full-fledged service website that is Powered by the Professionals at Mission Repair.

Check out the new site, place an order, take a look around and while you’re at it we’ll be giving 10% off any order that you place on Mission Repair or Got Repair from now until Sunday May 1, 2011. Just use coupon code “newsite” to receive your discount.

Hey, are you guys ready to let the blogs out?

This blog title is my attempt at a pun from a recent popular movie. When I say recent, it’s from 2009 and it’s being quoted all over Las Vegas- I just watched it again this weekend and it’s still pretty hilarious!

Do you know who wore this shirt on the big screen?

I’m glad to be back in the office this week! How was your Easter Sunday? Went pretty well for me however my youngest child is 14 years old and still wants to do an Easter egg hunt. I took care of him last night and let he and his sisters roam the yard searching for eggs. . .For dinner I made a huge batch of fried chicken in my outdoor fryer and made several flavors of wings and breasts. Mashed potatoes, gravy and corn on the cob off the grill rounded out the meal with a strawberry cake as the grand finale!

Well, now this week I need to get back to my normal diet and back to my normal tasks of helping you find the service at Mission Repair that you’re looking for. Not to worry, you can start here:

iPod Repair
iPhone Repair
MacBook Repair
iPad and Tablet Repair
Cell Phone Repair
Windows Laptop Repair

Then after you’ve chosen your service, just use coupon code “Alan” to receive 10% off upon checkout!! This coupon will be good through 4/30/11 at midnight so get on it quickly! This coupon works online or when you call in. . .

Well have a great Monday and we’ll see you at the movies on 5/26/11. This is when the sequel comes out!

Take care, Ryan

Meatball sandwich?

Hello all! I’m just finishing up on a luncheon for the Mission Repair staff (the brave souls). . .I’m making my world famous meatball sandwiches! Well, they are world famous in “my” world anyway.

So I’ve got the meatballs simmering in their sauce, the alfredo sauce is starting to bubble, the rolls, provolone and the grated Parmesan cheeses are staged. I just need about another 30 minutes for the sauces to finish up and get the meatballs steaming! Here’s a shot of the slow cooker and the meat:

The makings of AMAZING meatball sandwiches.

And here’s what we’re having for dessert:

Sometimes Tums are just "needed".

Well, it’s fun to have lunch once in a while at the office and I’m happy to be the chef for today. What else is fun? Our latest 15% coupon code that you can use on your iPod repair or iPhone repair today. You just need to call in to our main line 866-638-8402 and ask for Jenny. She’ll give you that coupon code that will be good for 15% off today only (4/15/11). Remember, Jenny leaves the office at 5:00pm central standard time, so don’t miss out!

Thanks, I have to head back upstairs to stir my simmering goodness!

Best, Ryan

Mission Repair coupon code!

Looking for a Mission Repair coupon code? This is the place to do it! The Mission Repair blog is chock full of goodies, specials and information about Mission Repair, the employees and myself! We repair iPods, iPhones, Mac Laptops, Cell Phones, iPads . .well you get the idea. We repair a ton of stuff.

I’ll periodically post some whoppers and huge “today only” specials so you should check back daily if you’re looking to save a little money.

How does 15% off your order sound? This is available today (4/14/11) and tomorrow (4/15/11) through 5:00pm Central Standard Time. Why until 5:00pm?

That’s huge savings on our already smoking great prices. The catch? You must call in to 866-638-8402, ask for Jenny, and she will tell you what the coupon code is. Yes, Jenny is the magic potion and she’ll be happy to dish out the coupon, but she’s off the clock at 5:00pm tomorrow afternoon!

Thanks, I’ll let her know that you’ll be calling soon 😉

Best, Ryan