Google’s gigabit fiber network to be built in Kansas City. I knew that I picked Kansas City for a reason!

Well, after all of the talk and rumor, Google has chosen Kansas City, Kansas (where we have our Mission Repair Nationwide Offices located) for the start of it’s super-fast gigabit network. They promised to set it up in one lucky city and they picked Kansas City!

Remember when Topeka renamed their city to “Google, Kansas”? That was to show their spirit and to try to sway Google to build the network in Topeka. Unfortunately, Google did pick Topeka, it must be a bitter disappointment for them.

An agreement has now been signed to install the fiber in Kansas City which appears to be an indication that we’ll get the gigabit service sometime in 2012. That’s right around the corner!

GIG-A-BIT. Take care, Ryan

iPod Touch Gen 4 Screen Repairs ON SALE!

Hello all, I promised that I’d be back with a nice juicy discount for today – well, let’s extend this one through Sunday 4/3/11.

$20 off your 4th Gen iPod Touch Glass Repair!

Just enter in coupon code “royals” and we’ll take $20 off that service starting today. Need more incentive? Remember that our iPod Touch glass repairs come with exclusive “Got Repair” benefits which means that if you ever break or crack your glass again, call us and we’ll repair it again under our “Got Repair” program benefits. There’s no time limit or limit on how many times you can have the glass repaired.

The new “Got Repair” program is sweeping the repair market off it’s feet and it’s working flawlessly. We are already having many users come back to exercise their benefits and we’re happy to be here in case something happens to your beloved device.

Thanks, talk to you again soon.


Kansas City Royals Home Opener tomorrow!

Good morning internet! I know that you’re used to seeing blogs on pretty much a daily basis, and I’ll try to get one posted tomorrow however I am taking the day off. The Royals Home Opener here in Kansas City is tomorrow and I’ve got all-day plans to go to the game.

I know, there are many of you that are saying “The Royals?”.

Luke is Starting tomorrow!

Listen, I live in the Kansas City area and I’m just rooting for my home team. To be honest the Royals games are really fun, the food is good, the service at the outdoor restaurants is great and when the weather is right there’s just no better way to spend an afternoon!

Well, tomorrow looks like it’s going to be a little rainy and chance of thunderstorms after 1:00pm – right in the “meat” of the game. Oh well, we’re going to still have a great time and we’ll be rooting the Royals to perform – Luke Hochevar is the starting pitcher and I have a feeling that today he’s slightly nervous. It’s his first Opening Day start!

So I’m sure I’ll be back today with a nice juicy Mission Repair special. Stay tuned! Ryan