HTC EVO Shift 4G Repairs now annouced!

Hello all, well just when I thought that I was done blogging for the day, my webmaster hits me with yet another new product category for the HTC Evo Shift.

I dare ya to keep up with all of these new smartphones. Yikes, they are developed and released faster than I can blog about ’em. However we are adding new services daily and we’re thrilled to have SO MANY phone service offerings it really rounds us out here at Mission Repair as a multi-task, multi-capable business.

What’s so special about the HTC EVO Shift? It fits comfortably in your pocket. But with so many reasons to keep it out, it might not get the chance.

Express delivery. With an 800 MHz processor on Sprint’s 4G network, you’ve got more brainpower on top of bandwidth than you’ll know what to do with.

Slide it out. Spell it out. With the built-in QWERTY keyboard, you can crank out texts, emails and updates in no time flat. And you can say it precisely like you (not “U”) mean it.

Socially skilled. It’s got HTC Sense running Android 2.2. So every text, tweet, email, update and call is grouped by person for easy follow-up. And with the Friend Stream app, everything happening on your social networks happens in one easy place.

WiFi + 8 devices, wherever. Imagine instant WiFi access delivering 4G speed to 8 data-hungry wireless devices. Launch the mobile hotspot, and it will be.

Speed reader. With the preloaded Kindle app, there’s over 775,000 books, newspapers and magazines ready for instant download. Why yes, that is a library in your pocket. And you’re happy to read it.

It has a GLASS SCREEN. Like all other small electronics with glass screens, they tend to crack when dropped. Then you’re stuck trying to find a repair center that not only service the device, but also service it at a great price. This is where Mission Repair comes in to play.

We’re here for you an our HTC EVO Shift repair program is designed for our customers that want it done right.

Thanks, and now I really mean it, have a great weekend! Ryan

Garminfone Screen Repair = Success!

Happy Friday everyone! We’re busy here at Mission Repair, not only with orders and helping customers, but busy with marketing and growing the website. Today we’re happy to announce that we’ve FINALLY been able to secure a stable supplier (I’ll let you guess who) of screens for the Garminfone. That’s right, we’re ready, able and actively taking orders for the Garminfone services and we’re performing Garminfone screen repairs!

The Garminfone is the first Android powered smartphone and Garmin GPS navigation device in one. The GPS allows you to just simply enter an address or cross streets and Garminfone will take you there, whether it’s by car or on foot, using voice-guided and on-screen turn-by-turn directions. You can even record your own custom voices as navigation prompts with Garmin Voice Studio. And with millions of points of interest preloaded on Garminfone, you’ll always have somewhere fun to go.

There it is, a special Friday announcement for all – have a great weekend!