Got Repair. Let’s talk about it.

Ok, I want to firstly apologize about the busy signal that you may be getting when you call our offices in Kansas City- you know, our toll free Mission Repair 866-638-8402 number? If you’ve gotten a busy signal, that’s because our phone lines are all tied up – we’re still here, rocking the business and still ready to take care of you.

Our new answering service at Mission Repair 😉

It’s our new Got Repair program that’s causing the bottleneck. The fact is that we’ve had record-breaking orders for 2 consecutive weeks and we are working diligently and efficiently to handle the increased flow.

Let’s go over it, as we are getting call after call asking about how it works, what it means and what’s the “real deal”. Allow me to explain as this may help!

1. Let’s say you need your iPod Glass Repaired, and let’s say it’s an iPod Touch, 3rd generation. You’d order our iPod Touch Glass Repair here, and we’ll process & complete your order as you’d expect. We can pick it up from you at your location, repair it within 1 day, then overnight it back if you’d like. Not to worry, we won’t touch your music, apps, or information. We’re going to repair your iPod!

2. You’ll receive your iPod and your life will be back to normal. You’ll be taking extra-special care of your iPod because you’ve already had it repaired once so you know that it’s fragile and a cracked glass is completely plausible again.

3. One day, sometime in the future (or anytime in the future for that matter) let’s say you accidentally drop and crack your glass again. Maybe you let your 3 year old nephew listen to it for a while he and dropped it. Maybe you put it in your backpack and it cracked. Who knows, and who cares. Since you used Mission Repair for your initial repair, you’re covered for life. We’ll get your iPod back in here and repair it again under our Got Repair program benefits that cost you nothing up front.

Amazing, isn’t it?

I’ve called the phone company and we’re getting 4 more lines installed. Until then my apologies if you’re getting that busy signal. Do you know what it really means? We’re busy 😉

Thanks again friends, I’ll be back soon. Ryan

If I only had $39 Billion laying around. (I’m a couple bucks short)

So did you hear the big news? AT&T (our favorite Apple phone service provider) just bought T-Mobile for $39 billion. They announced the definitive agreement in cash and stock which I assume would be paid over many years, but the agreement has been approved by both companies.

What does this mean for us, the AT&T users? Well hopefully this means that their high-speed mobile broadband service will improve in quality and coverage including all of the little pockets and rural areas where my phone breaks up.

That, and no more T-Mobile Stores. . .interesting! Keep your eyes and ears open for more AT&T and Apple news. I just have a feeling there’s more to come.

Thanks, Ryan

Yikes, this is what a cracked iPad 2 looks like.

Good morning everyone and happy Spring! Did you know that Spring officially started yesterday which means that there is a 100% guarantee that we will not any have more snow this year 😉 well at least until winter comes but we’ve got some time!

So we’re receiving iPad 2’s in daily now for repair – we’ve seen cracked screens, broken cables and damaged back cases, but when we opened this unit up in receiving the iPad 2 screen was just demolished:

Here’s the point – these new iPads have THINNER glass. Mission Repair is in the business of repairing cracked glass and we’ve been doing so for years on iPods, iPhones and most new touchscreen smartphones.

This new iPad glass is very fragile and sensitive to drops, more than ever before. Take care of that new gadget or call us at Mission Repair where we’re thrilled to help. We’ll get your new favorite electronics back to new and get you back to happiness. Then if you ever break your glass again we’ll repair it again under our “Got Repair” program. It’s the Intelligent Choice.

Moving along, have a great Monday!