Gorilla® Glass – we have it at Mission Repair for your Samsung Galaxy Tab.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab for example, has a super strong new glass technology made by Corning. It’s called Gorilla® Glass and it’s very durable.

A variety of features come together in Corning’s Gorilla® Glass to create a strong, damage-resistant glass that is ideal for tablet PCs, including:

* Chemically strengthened to withstand high-volume user interaction and repetitive motion
* Highly durable cover glass for increased mobile Tablet PCs lifespan
* Adds protection without impacting pen response
* Increased ability to resist and withstand damages compared to device without Gorilla Glass
* Retains its performance advantage even when used in thin form factors
* Retains optical characteristics after extended use and abuse
* Remains strong over time
* Water, chemical and disinfectant resistant coating: easy to clean and remove dust, dirt, or other elements.

However it’s not “too” durable. We’re receiving the Samsung Galaxy Tab repairs on a daily basis, and we have the Gorilla Glass replacement panels in stock. So if you should choose to “test” your glass and it fails, not to worry. Mission Repair is here to help.

Thanks, Ryan

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