New Protection Plans offered for your iPhone, iPad or other electronics.

We are announcing brand new iPhone, iPad and other Protection Plans for your mobile electronics.

Customers can now simply purchase a Protection Plan which includes coverage for new and used electronic devices like the iPhone, MacBook, iPad and iPod. These Protection Plans specialize in accidental glass breakage for iPhones, iPads, tablets, MacBooks and other laptops, as well as loss/theft coverages for the iPhone and other smartphones – for a period of 2 years which goes above and beyond the iPhone AppleCare extended warranty available from the manufacturer.

ProtectMe™ Plans provide affordable protection plans as a better alternative to purchasing traditional and expensive iPhone insurance or iPad insurance from retailers or other providers.

We are thrilled to offer protection for various devices through our partners at This program touts a “Pay Less and Protect More” mentality, and shares Mission Repair‘s commitment to providing excellent customer service and value. Check the competition. No other protection plan in the market can even come close to what’s offered in terms of coverage and price. Each plan is fully backed and underwritten by a licensed Administrator to give our customers even more confidence in the program.

These iPhone Protection Plan services include full coverage for devices like the iPhone and other smartphones, as well as cracked screens, liquid damage and other accidents for iPads, MacBooks and other Tablets and Laptops. You name it, and ProtectMe™ Plans probably has a plan for it. Customers that purchase the coverage also have the peace of mind that the skilled team of professionals at Mission Repair will make the necessary repairs onsite and it will not be outsourced to a different company.

For more information on pricing and the coverage included in the Mission Repair iPhone Protection Plan Program, please visit the website at

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