We’re your guardian angel.

Hello all- Mission Repair is The Intelligent Choice! Our Got Repair program is steamrollin’! The press and activity that we’ve received from our new “Got Repair” program and Got Repair Website are really blowing my expectations away.

Every time I answer the phone either I’m bringing it up to a customer, or a customer is bringing it up to me. This new peace of mind that we’re offering to our customers is the NEW STANDARD in how repair businesses should run their companies. Not just iPhone repairs or iPad repairs, I’m talking any service company in the nation.

What is our new “Gor Repair” program all about? It’s about customer satisfaction. It’s about customer service. It’s about being realistic and appreciative to our customers. Read all about on most of our product listing on our website.

Thanks again, I’ll be back tomorrow with a huge new batch of “Got Repair” covered service tomorrow. Ryan

iPad 2 Repairs at Mission Repair!

Well, here it is. One “business day” after the release of the world famous iPad 2, and we took an order today for an iPad Screen Repair.

It’s true that the iPad glass is thinner, smaller and lighter than the original iPad- this logically leads us to believe that the iPad 2 glass is going to break and crack easier than it’s predecessor. . .which also breaks and cracks!

I feel terrible for this customer that waited in line and got their new purchase home, then broke it over the weekend. It’s a sad deal and we here at Mission Repair are sympathetic to these situations. We’ll make it right and make it right fast.

Additionally, all of our iPad 2 glass repairs will also include “Got Repair” benefits at no extra charge. If this customer ever breaks it again (for the life of the unit) we’ll repair it again. It’s the reason that this customer is using us and it’s the Intelligent Choice.

Back to work- we had a record week last week. I mean the most orders EVER in the history of the company (for a one week period) and we’re here for you. We must be doing something right, thanks for reading!!

Best, Ryan