New video posted today about out iPad 3-Way Shipping Kits!

Hello all, we’re really spooling up our iPad and tablet repairs around here, and I had a customer request on YouTube asking for this latest video. So here it is! In all of it’s glory. . .OK listen, it’s not going to win an Oscars but that’s because it’s a simple instructional video on how to package your iPad or tablet using our proprietary 3-way shipping kit if you so choose to use one.

Of course you can pack and ship your iPad to us however you’d like, but why mess with a good thing:

Any questions? Just call one of my friendly sales personnel at 866-638-8402 with any questions. Remember that you’re in good hands with Mission Repair. We’ll send you one of my exclusive shipping kits, bring your broken iPad into my service lab, repair is within 24 hours, and then send it back to you good as new. What happens if you ever break your iPad again? We’ll repair it again under our exclusive “Got Repair” program that protects your device for life.

Yeah, it’s good. Thanks, Ryan