The iPad 2 will have a camera. My prediction came true!

Good afternoon- yeah, I know that this blog title is old news already, but I’m just back to link to my original blog that talked about the iPad camera that I posted back on 2/1/10 – just over a year ago. Here’s the title:

iPad Camera rumor becoming a reality? We think so.

This blog post created a lot of buzz for us, and many naysayers blogged that I was wrong or how could I possibly know whether or not the next iPad would have a camera. Well, it was a good educated guess that it would have a camera. We also had parts in hand (see that blog link above) that showed Apple’s prototype iPad frame with a camera location.

The simple fact is that in the last paragraph of that original blog I state “It appears that the plans to have camera in the iPad is a reality. I’m looking forward to the iPad. . .Rev 2.”

Naysayers, trust me. You can give me a call anytime 866-638-8402.

Want to know what’s happening on the 3rd revision of the iPad? I’ll let you know soon enough.

Thanks, Ryan

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