Little league baseball is upon us!!

Hello all, if you’ve followed my blog over the years, you already know that I’ve been coaching and managing my very own little league baseball team for many years now. The “Slammers”. We were the Slammers because Buffalo Wild Wings was our sponsor, and “slammers” are little hamburgers on their menu. I know, I took the BWW theme too far, but nevertheless the “Slammers” grew into formidable foes on the field and we nearly won the tournament last year.

Nearly only because of bad coaching (my part). The boys did what they were told and I tried my best, we just got skunked by the Pop Cardinals in the semi finals. Ok, moving on – My boy is in 8th grade, I will let him move into High School baseball next year so this will be my last season as a coach.

This year the league has informed me that ALL of the other teams in my league have backed out. So we’re going to have to “play up” with the Gold Glove teams. Well, I love my guys, and we play well together, but Gold Glove? I’m most certainly not a Gold Glove coach that’s for sure!

So 8 of my guys want to play. That’s 8 out of 13. This means that I need to draft 5 more new athletes and within the next month mold them into Gold Glove standards. I’m very nervous. I’ve called on batting coach and ex-pro baseball player Charlie Hovey to help with the batting and pitching. Charley is a good friend of mine (we’re going to the Royals home opener together this year!) and he’s awesome with the boys. Is Charley going to be enough?

Your guess is as good as mine. We have until 5/7/11 before our first game and we’re in for the season of a lifetime. Wish us luck!! I’ll be in touch with games, status and results. Yikes!


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