Mission Repair is in the tablet repair market. iPad 2 repairs all day long!

So it’s nothing new that we repair and service iPads. I’ve been repairing Apple products since 1994 so when the iPad showed up on the market (and of course I bought one) we immediately started the iPad repair market off on the right foot. On 2/1/10 we posted (even before the first iPad came out) about a camera that was going to be in the iPad 2. We were right. You can see that original blog here.

We then launched into the Kindle repair market. We do well here, but since Amazon dropped the price of the Kindle that market is tough for a repair center- nevertheless we receive Kindles daily.

Recently we jumped into the Samsung Galaxy Tab services market with overwhelming success. We are now getting into the rhythm of repairing the Samsung products (Including many Samsung Cell Phones) and these are quickly becoming a staple in our repair lineup.

Now we’ve got the iPad 2 arriving soon – Apple has set a release date of 3/11/11. We need to be on the ball here, so we’ve populated our site with every anticipated iPad 2 service we can think of so we can be ready. It’s almost a certainty that we’ll get a call about a dropped iPad 2 the very day they are released. Sad, but true.

So we’ve modified our site and added a “Tablet Repair” category on the left navigation bar as well as on the center of the home page. I feel like establishing Mission Repair as the leader in Tablet Repair is the smart thing to do as our customers demand that we stay on top of our game.

I’m here for ya, have a great weekend.

Best, Ryan

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