Got Repair?

Ok, we’re gaining some real traction on our Got Repair website and time is drawing near. Just a few short weeks until we launch the NEW SERVICE STANDARD in the market. I’m so excited but we’re not quite ready to pull the veil off this one yet. It’s taking us some time to prepare the site and get the new graphics in place.

However we have released a hint today:


Sound good to you? I know, I know, you don’t even really know what the GOT REPAIR benefits are. Well, I can tell you this – take what you already get from Mission Repair. i.e. 24 hour service, expert technicians, outstanding warranties, award winning service, BBB accreditation (the list goes on and on) but then add in the most revolutionary level of service that no one has ever seen.

I mean, the only way I can describe it is by calling it a NEW STANDARD OF SERVICE. It’s because what you’ve been used to is going to change. This won’t be a let down nor a false promise. Soon you’ll understand why I say “Mission Repair, The Intelligent Choice“. It’s not just a tagline, it’s the truth.

Stay tuned for more hits each week!!

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