You heard it here first. I was sitting at lunch the other day when it hit me. Yes, Mission Repair has an excellent reputation. Yes, we offer first-class professional iPhone and MacBook Repairs. Yes, we offer 24 hour turnaround and remarkable shipping rates. But EVERYONE is doing all this now, so how does a company continue to set the standard in the electronics repair service market? It hit me like a ton of bricks…we’re just going to set a NEW STANDARD FOR SERVICE. - CLICK HERE FOR MORE DETAILS!

What is it exactly that we will be doing differently? Everything. We’re mixing it up and shaking the entire foundation of this market with our new service. This is the reason that Mission Repair has it’s excellent reputation and customer satisfaction. We set the bar high and our “GOTREPAIR” launch on 3/1/11 is going to reinvent the service world. Just watch and see.

Sorry I can’t give you more now, but March 1st will be here soon. We will have the back-end finalized, running and solid. We’re going to need it for such a huge expansion. We’ll shake the pillars of the very market we helped develop. Hang on tight!

Thanks, Ryan

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