It’s going to snow. Golf cart sledding anyone?

Well, I’m not a weatherman, but it’s looking snowy out there. That and the real weatherman is calling for 7 inches of snow by tomorrow morning.

Do you know what 7″ of snow calls for? A lot of fun! Basically, it will make a huge mess out of the streets, but it’s almost a guaranteed snow day for the schools and 7″ of snow means LOTS of sledding on snowball fights. There will be a snowman on every street corner, and I’ve discovered a new thrill on the pond out behind my house.

Last weekend, a couple of buddies and I ventured out onto our pond which was frozen over. In fact we drilled a few holes and it’s about 6″ thick and extremely stable. So stable that we took the golf cart out onto it, tied a rope to the back of the golf cart, and then the other end of the rope to sled. We spent hours out on the ice taking turns trying to whip each other off the sled (it was HARD to hold on!) by towing each other, turning sharply, and letting inertia do the rest. The speed that we generated was amazing, and eventually everyone flew off the back of the sled and effortlessly glided across the ice laughing and smiling. It didn’t even matter that it was only 5 degrees out, and it felt like a bunch of (40 year old) kids having fun.

So here’s to Nolan and Marc that made last weekend a memorable one as we created a new way to have fun with a golf cart. Golf cart sledding. Want to see some pics? Well, we will be back out on the ice this weekend and I promise to post a few so you can feel the rush too!!

I’ll be back soon, and as I’m writing this blog, it’s starting to snow already. Yikes!

Take care, Ryan

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