Did you break your iPod Touch that you got for Christmas?

Yeah, I cannot believe how many times I’ve heard this already – in fact, we’ve had a line at the Mission:Repair office all morning one after the other. . .with broken items that were Christmas gifts.

Did you break your iPod Touch already? Dry those eyes!

This is a tough scenario – a lot of the repairs we are doing now are BRAND NEW Christmas gifts. It’s heartbreaking to hear the stories, especially when that new 4th Gen iPod Touch was their “big” Christmas present and now it’s already broken! Well, we get it, and since the iPod Touch is such a remarkable device, it’s hard to live without once you have it in your hands.

Just as I’ve always been saying, we’ve got the parts in stock and the staff on hand to have your iPod repaired the same day we get it. We understand that time is of the essence. We also understand that paying for a repair is the LAST THING that you want to do right after Christmas. Believe me, if Mission Repair could do these repairs for free, we would!

Since I can’t make it free, I can make it a great deal. How about $15 off that 4th gen iPod Touch glass repair? OK. That eases the burden. Just use coupon code “IPODDEAL” when checking out online or when calling in to place your order. This will take $15 off the repair price and make life a little easier. We’ll then get your iPod back to looking new again and back into your hands. . .FAST. Remember we can repair your iPod no matter where you live in the U.S. – it’s our business. This coupon will expire at the end of January, 2011.

Have a great day. Ryan

2 thoughts on “Did you break your iPod Touch that you got for Christmas?

  1. what if its later than January and its 2012… You think you can still repair it the same day? Return it early how much will it cost?! :C plz i need it help my parents dont know it’s broken!

  2. Yes of course we can still do it the same day. When you’re ready, call 866-638-8402 and we’ll take care of it for you! Thanks, Mission Repair.

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