Holiday Hours and Christmas Party at Mission Repair!

Hello everyone, can you feel the holiday approaching us. . .fast? I didn’t really let it register until all of the wrapped presents filled the tree last weekend at the Arter house. . .I don’t know why I waited so long but we ended up wrapping presents for several hours on Sunday. My son Casey has PLENTY and my daughter, Tayler, basically asked for cash – how do you wrap cash? In one card? Well that’s going to be a “quick” Christmas for her! Regardless, the quantity ratio is off, but it’s all about the giving right? I’m just looking forward to a couple of days off coming up and spending time with my family.

So this week is our annual company Christmas party- and we’ve reserved the Midway Showroom at Dave and Busters in Kansas City (again) for our celebration! We’ll get 30 of us together, split up into a few teams and run the gauntlet of activities they provide. They then serve us a HUGE buffet of awesome food and drinks- and we always finish with my version of a White Elephant gift exchange. It’s actually a Mission Repair “Green” Elephant – I supply all of the gifts and hand them out in a game-show type fashion. It’s a highlight for me, always brings a bunch of laughs (last year one of the gag gifts was a pair of Santa Boxers and a Santa Neck Tie, it was a “complete” outfit!) and it got passed around and exchanged a few times – it was kind of like a hot potato!

With all of these Christmas activities, it’s good to know that Mission Repair will have a few changes in our normal hours coming soon –

Mission Repair is CLOSED on December 24, 2010 and December 31, 2010.

We will be working extra hard to get all of our shipments out this week before the holiday. . .however our biggest sales day of the entire year was yesterday (except for Cyber Monday) and it’s made our operations manager Troy, a little nervous.

I’m totally confident. We’ll get the job done like we always do and we’ll be ready for 2011.

Thanks, I’ll be talking to you soon, Ryan

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