Nexus One Screen Repair = Success!

Hello all- yes, I am busy munching on all the Christmas goodies that are coming in the front door. Dylan even showed up with a huge batch of chocolate/peanut butter bars covered in peanut M & M’s. I’m totally helpless here!

During my all day “munchin” we’ve managed to get a couple of new repair services launched. My Webmaster’s typing fingers are on fire! We received and repaired a Google Nexus One Smartphone – you know, these guys come unlocked from HTC running Android software and they work on a myriad of network providers like AT&T, Sprint, TMobile, Etc. . .here it was as received today:

Before the Mission Repair "magic".

Then Santa’s helpers (aka technicians) got a hold of the phone and refreshed it to it’s original condition:

No cracks = Sign of success!

It’s launched! The Google Nexus One Screen Repair is here and available for our customers. We’re taking orders now and parts are in stock. Make that tens of thousands of parts in stock here at Mission Repair ready for your use. I like it.

I’ve got another one to show ya, I’ll be back soon.


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