Christmas poundage!

Good morning everyone!

So I walk into this today here at the Mission Repair office:

I mean let’s face it. I’m not 18 years old any more (however I am still “30-something”!). My metabolism is just not as “speedy” as it used to be. Do you have any idea how many miles I’m going to have to jog to burn off the Christmas calories that I see here? Yeah, neither do I, and I’m just not going to worry about it 😉

I think that I’ll start with the banana bread. . .no wait the snickerdoodle cookies. . .actually, maybe that large tin of fudge in the back sounds like a good “breakfast”. Yikes. I had better just “man up” and try not to over eat this morning. We’ll see!! I want to thank Melissa for bringing this masterpiece of a dessert tray today!

OK, just getting the day started here at Mission Repair and we had a busy weekend of orders. In fact my shipping department is busy getting out all of the parts orders and shipping kits early today. This month is touchy – one slip up and we fall behind. December is huge for us and we want each and every customer to receive our full attention and special treatment.

Hey I’ll be back later today with more “goodies”. Please stop by and grab a cookie.

Thanks, Ryan

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