CES here we come!

Are you going to CES this year? My operations manager Troy and I will be attending and we’re heading out of Kansas City on January 5th. . .we’ve been invited to a couple key meetings that really have my blood pumping. Instead of jinxing my chances, I’m going to keep the meeting agendas to myself for a little bit –

However if you’re going to be there and like to meet up. . .just let me know! I’ll schedule you in and maybe we’ll even get a chance to play a little blackjack while we’re at it.

See ya in Vegas next month!! Ryan

Cool Apple wedding reception!

So last weekend I visited California and went to an old friend’s wedding reception which was completely cool. She and her husband work at Apple in Cupertino which will explain the thought and the shape of this wedding “cake”. . .

So it was billed as a “cupcake dessert”, not a wedding cake, but nevertheless it was an awesome display of color and creativity. I mean, who else but Shawna would do this 😉

They are a fantastic couple and I wish them all the best.

I’ll be back soon! Ryan