Mission Repair sale idea!

Hi again everyone, I saw this sign and thought I might run the same special, but I was going to offer it on every service we offer!!

Well, I’m just trying to generate a little humor here late in the day. Whew. Tough crowd. I’ll work on my comedy, but let me really run a special right now – all jokes aside. We are offering 10% off any service or product we offer including shipping, starting now until Friday night 12/10/10 at midnight, so take advantage while you can!

Just use coupon code “FUNSIGN” when you checkout online and you’ll see your instant 10% off. No other mail in rebate or forms to mess with. Just a clean and neat little discount for reading the blog this week. Remember that this coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon but it DOES apply to all sale items throughout our site. Awesome. And it’s better than 0% off!!

Now’s your chance to get that iPod repair that you’ve been needing or Macbook repair for Christmas.

Don’t forget to flip that advent calendar tomorrow! Ryan

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