Mission Repair sale idea!

Hi again everyone, I saw this sign and thought I might run the same special, but I was going to offer it on every service we offer!!

Well, I’m just trying to generate a little humor here late in the day. Whew. Tough crowd. I’ll work on my comedy, but let me really run a special right now – all jokes aside. We are offering 10% off any service or product we offer including shipping, starting now until Friday night 12/10/10 at midnight, so take advantage while you can!

Just use coupon code “FUNSIGN” when you checkout online and you’ll see your instant 10% off. No other mail in rebate or forms to mess with. Just a clean and neat little discount for reading the blog this week. Remember that this coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon but it DOES apply to all sale items throughout our site. Awesome. And it’s better than 0% off!!

Now’s your chance to get that iPod repair that you’ve been needing or Macbook repair for Christmas.

Don’t forget to flip that advent calendar tomorrow! Ryan

HTC Touch 2 Screen Repairs = Success!

Good afternoon blog readers. We are nearing 300,000 UNIQUE readers on the Mission Repair Blog (we’ve got an employee incentive to reach that goal by 12/31/10) and I know that a lot of you are repeat visitors, thank you very much for coming back!!

My guys just brought me a new service that I’d like to tell you about. Remember that we are in this for the long haul and we want a long term, solid, reputable business. This is why we are always expanding our service line and we’ve launched another new service today for the HTC Touch 2! It’s the HTC Touch 2 screen repair (we are also offering other HTC Touch 2 repairs as well including LCD repairs, charging ports, logic boards, etc). . .

We received a customer’s unit in for repair:

And within 24 hours of receipt, it’s shipping back to the customer looking perfect:

Yet another thing to talk about here at Mission Repair. It’s kinda fun!! I’m not yet done for the day so I’ll be back soon. The press is calling Texas, I need to do a quick interview.


HTC My Touch 4G Repair = Success!

Hello all- my lead technician, Brandon, is at it again. He’s located the parts, is performing the repairs, and is now versed in My Touch 4G Screen Repairs! These great phones are TMobile based HTC smartphones!

Here’s the unit (wow this one was looking pretty bad!!) as we received it from the customer:

And here it is after the repair fully functional and ready to ship after our QA process:

We LOVE adding new products and services to our service lineup. It’s the Mission Repair way. Check us out on Facebook for up to date info and more cool inside fun stuff!!

Take care, Ryan

My first stop in California was Pedro’s!

So there we were, fresh off the plane in Oakland on Friday night and headed directly to my absolute favorite Mexican restaurant in the world – Pedro’s Mexican Cantina in Santa Clara.

Get the Chili Colorado!

When I lived in Pleasanton, CA, I walked into the Pedro’s on Hopyard Road (unfortunately it’s now closed down) and landed a job as a bus boy at 16 years old. I then worked my way up to being server at 18 years old and to be honest, Pedro’s is a family staple restaurant and it’s just about my favorite comfort food. The chips and salsa is fantastic, the food is fabulous, and the ambiance is very well done. The minute I walked into the restaurant on Friday night all the old smells and tastes were very familiar.

Pedro’s is on my “must have” list when I visit Northern California. I’m ready to go back today. Anyone else have any Perdro’s experiences? Ryan

Have you heard about the Black to White iPhone 4 conversion service?

There’s a bit of a buzz going around the ‘net about this. There apparently have been several service providers selling and offering “WHITE” iPhone 4 conversion services and parts. Apple was rumored to offer a white version of the iPhone 4 (apparently it’s due to hit the market in Spring 2011 according to some recent Apple marketing), however it has never become a reality.

Photo courtesy of Apple, Inc.

Let’s hope for the real White iPhone 4 in 2011. Black is so “overdone” 😉