How did your Thanksgiving football game turn out?

Hello all- I haven’t had a chance to ask you about your Thanksgiving. Well, how was it? As usual, I over ate – but I got to burn off a few calories during our impromptu football festivities. I’d like to share a few pics of the group. Here we are deciding on how to get the game going:

The Thanksgiving football "huddle".

Then here’s a shot of my daughter Tayler “quarterbacking” a play:

Tayler "Brees" Arter!

I know that it’s a family game and 2-hand touch football would have been appropriate. However I was able to bend the rules a little bit and since I know that my son Casey can handle it (he’s a wrestler) I took him down with some serious Ray Lewis skills:

Is this pass interference?

I think in that last pic, this is when I fell on my left hand an nearly broke my left pinkie finger. Later that day it turned black and blue and it was really tough to even try to sleep that night with an “ouchie” on my finger. I think that I’d better stick to armchair quarterbacking and coaching from the sidelines! It was a great day and we had a lot of fun with some spectacular weather.

So, who won your family game?

Take care, Ryan