I was a celebrity reader at National Young Readers Week!

QUESTION: Is reading aloud, allowed?

Yup, me, a local “celebrity”. I most certainly wouldn’t characterize myself as a “celebrity”, but to the second graders that I read to, I most certainly was a celebrity for an hour.

I was invited to read at a local elementary school and I got to pick from a selection of “age approved” books from the library. I chose All About Airplanes and was able to talk a little bit about being a pilot and a little bit about being the owner of a local business. I think this is where I got my “celebrity” status as Mission Repair is a popular place in Kansas City. . .however reading aloud to the kids was just a very rewarding event.

There was a question and answer period after the read, and I even brought my headset and mocked up a sample transmission from the “tower” (me) to the “pilot” (who was Emma, the lucky second grader) and she got to talk using the phonetic alphabet to explain her situation. She did well and got applause after a successful transmission!!

Anyhow, it got me encouraged to read, and I wanted to share my experience to you. The actual National Young Readers Week was November 8th – November 12 but if you have kids it’s never too late to get a book in their hands.

Have a great Wednesday, Ryan