Thanksgiving Luncheon marks the beginning of not feeling hungry. . .

Good afternoon fans-

Just posting a couple quick pics of our luncheon today. We had honey baked ham sandwiches, potato salad, baked beans and all the trimmings including pumpkin and apple pie. Here’s a shot of the chow line:

And here’s “rotation” #1 at the seating area. We’ve grown to the point where we can no longer all sit as a group around the booths. Yes, that’s me sitting on the couch with a plateful:

So we take turns coming up to the line and sitting down to eat – it’s OK just as long as all of us get a turn. . .

Normally we are relatively slow on Thanksgiving Eve, however it appears that we are not going to get a “slowdown” today – orders are at a record high and the phones are blowing up. So we inhaled out food and headed back to work, I know, it’s a tough life 😉

Hey, remember I was going to give you some tips on how to save some bucks here at Mission Repair over the Thanksgiving break? Stay tuned, I haven’t forgotten – check back on the Mission Repair Blog soon.

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