Biggest Sale of the year – save 20% right now!

Ok, here it is. The mother of all Mission Repair sales- 20% off ANY SERVICE or ANY PRODUCT we offer. Just browse the Mission Repair website and upon checkout use the coupon code supplied in the voicemail message on our main switchboard.

Dial 1-866-638-8402 to hear the message and listen to a personal “Happy Thanksgiving” from me when you call. I’ll reveal the coupon code (it’s a tricky one) and when you place your order online between now and Monday morning, you can save 20% on your order. It’s only good from November 24th at 6:00pm through November 29th, 2010 at 8:00am. If you don’t place your order online within these time frames, you won’t get the deal of the century!!

OK, we’re heading out and closing up for the night. Have a Happy Thanksgiving and talk you you again in a few days.

Best Holiday Wishes, Ryan

LG enV Touch Repair = Success!

OK, one more blog about new services offered. Well, that might be a little untrue. I think that I have one more service that you’re going to really be interested in, and it’s coming next. Let’s first talk about the LG enV Touch Smartphone. We are now offering repairs and diagnosis on these phones and this service is a perfect compliment for extensive line of cell and smartphone repairs. We receive these units daily, here’s a picture of a customer’s enV that was received with a broken screen:

And then my guys work their magic, wave a wand, chant a rhyme and “POOF” the phone looks brand new, and our customer is back in business with our LG enV Screen Rpeair for under $80!!!

Additionally these repairs come with a full one year warranty and unbeatable customer support. We just treat people as they want to be treated. Adding the enV Touch is right up our alley!!

OK, moving along and getting close to releasing some Cyber “weekend” specials.

Best, Ryan

Palm Pre Repair = Success!

Well hello again out there in “pre-Thanksgiving land”! I can almost smell the turkey cooking now. Well, that’s probably just the ham still filling the air here at Mission Repair. Oh the yummy stuff has arrived!

Well, if you’ve been watching the blog at all recently, you’ve noticed that we are beginning to repair a ton of new cell and smart phones. Our newest service release is for the Palm Pre Screen Repair. Here’s a unit that we received from a customer before repair:

And here’s the Palm Pre after the glass has been installed:

It’s like magic. Just like all of our iPhone repair services, we offer Palm Pre repairs and cracked glass replacements for our nationwide customers and we’ll even have your unit picked up from your location.

Hey, I have a few more to blast out before we leave today, so hang in there and I’ll be back!! Ryan

Thanksgiving Luncheon marks the beginning of not feeling hungry. . .

Good afternoon fans-

Just posting a couple quick pics of our luncheon today. We had honey baked ham sandwiches, potato salad, baked beans and all the trimmings including pumpkin and apple pie. Here’s a shot of the chow line:

And here’s “rotation” #1 at the seating area. We’ve grown to the point where we can no longer all sit as a group around the booths. Yes, that’s me sitting on the couch with a plateful:

So we take turns coming up to the line and sitting down to eat – it’s OK just as long as all of us get a turn. . .

Normally we are relatively slow on Thanksgiving Eve, however it appears that we are not going to get a “slowdown” today – orders are at a record high and the phones are blowing up. So we inhaled out food and headed back to work, I know, it’s a tough life 😉

Hey, remember I was going to give you some tips on how to save some bucks here at Mission Repair over the Thanksgiving break? Stay tuned, I haven’t forgotten – check back on the Mission Repair Blog soon.